#How do I Drop a product?

Click "Drop" in the top right corner and add a product URL.

#How can I edit a product that I already Dropped?

Click the “Edit” button on the product page that you dropped. Once you are done making the changes click “Confirm”.

#What do the tags mean?

Tags are the categories that the product you Dropped falls under. For example: If you Drop a smoothie blender some tags you might consider are: Kitchen, Blender, Smoothie

#How do I get my product to appear in the Daily Haul email?

If the product your Dropped is in the top 10 you will be featured in the Daily Haul newsletter.

#How do I share a product?

To share a post through Twitter or Facebook, you can select the share options on the product. Or you can copy the link and share with friends.

#How do you get followers?

You can increase your followers by dropping awesome products and getting your friends to follow you by clicking the “Follow” button on your profile!

#How do I claim my store?

If you are a store owner, you can claim your store page. After you’ve dropped a product go to your shop page and click the “Claim Shop” button. To claim, you MUST use either the twitter or facebook account linked to this shop. If you cannot claim using twitter, email us at drop@hauldrop.com.

#How do I become a top voter?

Your Drop score is based on a number of factors: number of products Dropped and the number of upvotes your products get.

#How do I run a promotion on the site?

If you have got a really cool product the World needs to know about, then let us know and we will work with you to turn your Drop into a featured Promotion or Giveaway!

#How do I get the discount code?

After you’ve upvoted a product that has a discount, the exclusive discount code will appear.

#How long does each giveaway last?

Giveaway length varies, you'll see a giveaway timer that shows you how much time is remaining for that specific giveaway.

#How do I get more entries in a Giveaway?

There are a number of ways to get more entries for a Giveaway. Follow the specific instructions for each giveaway.

#When do you decide the winner of the giveaway?

The winner is chosen randomly once the giveaway has expired. Winner’s will be notified by email that they have won.

#Why was my comment or post removed?

Products, comments, or any other form of user submitted content may be subject to removal if it violates our Drop rules. Offensive - Content containing violent/abusive language will be removed Spam - Mass or repeat dropping of the same product will result in immediate removal A violation of these rules may result in removal of your content and a possible suspension of your account.