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Fortitude Acrylic on Canvas, 2016 Phoenix Art Print by Clay Roueche This colorful Chinese phoenix art print is a powerful Yin symbol which has many virtuous meanings, including rebirth and resurrection. In Chinese culture, the phoenix and its perfect counterpart the dragon are often considered to be perfect representative of yin and yang balance. This Chinese phoenix is flying upward through the sky in a dominant pose and in feng shui the phoenix is associated with the element of fire and should be hung on a south wall of your home or office, bringing you prosperity, power, and opportunities. From left to right, the Chinese characters on the print read: Integrity, Fortitude, and Duty. This vibrant phoenix art print embodies an Indomitable Spirit, as it rises up on a new mission full of purpose. 16x20 Top Quality Canvas Prints on a frame."FREESHIPPING AND HANDLING FOR US AND CANADIAN CUSTOMERS" Please allow 7-14 days for delivery (2 to 4 weeks for Canadian orders). For all other questions and concerns please contact us at